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Sex deviations

Everyone in Nooky City is depraved beyond normal. After having played Cyberslut 2069, you’ll be one of those saying it’s ok to deviate.

Cyber enhancements

Cyberware is commonplace in Cyberslut 2069. In its wanton society, enhancing your body is often the best way to get laid. Here are a few of the augments you’ll be able to unlock :

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Audio/Video retinal recorder

A nanochip inserted inside your eye. You’ll be able to be the star of your own porn with this stealthy device.

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This is the modern version of plastic surgery. You can look as you wish with this new technology. Just as long as you can afford it…

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Buzz hand

This hand has a built-in vibration device which allows it to vibrate at various intensities. There’s no need to keep toys around with a baby like this.

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Tactile boost

This neuralware increases your awareness rolls involving touch. You’ll be able to work magic with the tip of your tongue or just using your fingertips.

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Hormones booster

An artificial gland which releases hormones on demand. For those who want to be at their naughtiest regardless of the situation.

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Voice synthesizer

This system allows the user to mimic any voice or tone previously recorded by its memory chip. For those who like roleplay as part of their foreplay.


Cyberslut 2069 : Nooky City and its surroundings offer various backgrounds to go to town. Choose from over a dozen destinations as you progress in the game.

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City Center

City Center is Nooky City’s corporate showcase. Lines of skyscrapers fill its skyline and lights shine so bright you can’t see the stars at night. This is where megacorps rule with arrogance. It is also where you’ll find the most beautiful people to fuck. As long as you have enough money to look the part.

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The Slums

The Slums used to have it all. The best nightclubs, towering skyscrapers, even a top-end medcenter - but economic disaster put an end to all that. Now, it’s known as ‘the bad neighborhood of Nooky City’. The kind of place that suits gang members and decadent street sluts.

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The Badlands

The Badlands are the vast plains outside of the city proper. Filled with all sorts of creepy places, this district makes Nooky City look like a shining diamond. But it holds golden opportunities for those brave enough to go. It is said that its inhabitants are beyond depraved when it comes to their sexuality.